Senior Placement with Personal Service

Senior Placement with Personal Service

Do I need a VIP?

When the time comes to relocate a loved one, there’s no substitute for personal, hands-on, compassionate assistance from VIP Senior Placement. We have helped hundreds of families relocate their elderly to safe, economical and compassionate care environments.  We make sure you have an advocate by your side, every step of the way, making sure you understand the nature of the assisted living, independent living or memory care you are looking for.  Choosing an assisted living or other senior housing community is usually an important, life changing decision. When you have the on-site, professional, trusted service of VIP Senior Placement guiding you through the process, you will have confidence and peace of mind in these choices.

Do I really need hands-on, free professional assistance?

When I first meet families, the majority are already in a crisis situation with their loved one and have had little or no time to evaluate the local marketplace.  Confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed is pretty standard.  Yet, they have been told their loved one is discharging later this week and cannot go back to their current living environment. Where do they turn? Who is there to help? What services do they really need to look for? And where? Will these places be able to handle my Mom’s bitterness toward the whole idea? What is the cost of assisted living in Phoenix? Is there medical staff available 24 hours a day? How safe and secure is it for my wandering Dad with early dementia?  These are all very valid questions. The place to start finding answers for the local market here in Phoenix, is to contact VIP Senior Placement for a first-class, hands-on, senior relocation services.

What about Internet Placement Services?

There are a lot of very savvy technical people on the internet.  They know how to build databases that will feed you information on every single facility on the planet.  There will always be more than you need on the internet and you can quickly become confused about the services and what is truly needed in your individual instance.  There may even be a friendly voice on the other end of the line who understands and has ‘all the details’ to help you ‘find’ what you need.  After all, you really don’t know the first thing about assisted living facilities in Scottsdale, or independent living in Mesa. What is the difference in costs and services offered at these senior housing facilities?  ut when that part is over, they just give you a list of facilities and you’re on your own.

Common Ground

All senior placement companies seek to provide the highest level of assistance they can to help seniors and their families in the local community. That’s what I’d like to think, even though my experience in the past 9 years here in Maricopa County tells me otherwise.  In the end, we all have these things in common:

  1. An information gathering/Assessment/Evaluation process.
  2. The same Senior Living resources to choose from in the Valley.
  3. We are all compensated by contract directly with the facility, and never the families.

You Deserve Personal, On-Site Service

Families don’t just need a friendly voice and ‘all the right answers’ during this critical time.  They will also require education and an understanding of the nature of the local market while considering their loved one’s personality and individual needs.

It goes without saying, that everyone is unique and has certain personal characteristics that make their medical condition genuine to them.  We consider the personal, social, financial and geographical location factors involved and begin to strategize together with you and your family, to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Once we complete an assessment and discuss the game plan and road map going forward, we get to work while you handle other affairs. We immediately begin to contact administrative personnel at qualified facilities, to check availability and discuss our specific care needs. In most cases, we will personally visit the facility and verify the conditions, negotiate general terms and make sure the staff and management team are clear about your expectations.  All of this is done before we take you on a personally guided tour, holding your hand every step of the way, giving you as much peace of mind as possible in your decision.





Welcome to VIP Senior Placement

Welcome to VIP Senior Placement

Who are we?

VIP Senior Placement is a free community service that provides personal help to seniors and families during the confusing and often overwhelming process of finding the right type of senior housing.   Our free services have helped 100’s of families across the Valley to locate senior housing in Arizona, including assisted Living, independent living and memory care. If you or a loved one is being discharged from a hospital or rehab in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa or surrounding areas,  VIP provides a compassionate, organized, non-stressful approach to help you.

What makes us different?

We know there are a lot of options presented to you via the internet when looking for senior relocation services. One-on-one, personal service is at the heart of what we do. We typically meet face-to-face with family and loved one, and listen carefully to understand your specific situation.  We then navigate the local market for you, pre-qualifying the right type of care facilities for your loved one. We like to tour with you, educate you, guide you through the costs and options, assist in the negotiation process, help ask the right questions, etc.  holding your hand during the entire process.   To find the right place for Mom or Dad, don’t settle for an impersonal phone consultation with a list attached to it or a service that leaves you on your own.

Each individual case presents unique challenges, whether they be medical, physical, mental, financial or otherwise. Our initial consultation gets us working together on the same page immediately. It’s our goal to help families understand the dynamics of the local market options by visiting qualified facilities first, before taking them out on a personal tour. This way, the stressful story-telling and qualifying leg work is done in advance, and we aren’t just using a “shotgun” approach to locating a safe place for Mom or Dad.

 Call VIP Senior Placement today at 480-717-9868 and let’s talk about your options.



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